No matter what Your scale model building skill level is... the HOW=TO Clinics can provide You with a new knowledge, help You hone a skill further, or provide You with an easier way to build a scale model.


The HOW=TO Clinics cover a broad range of topics and are presented by both every day and professional model builders, whom enjoy sharing Their experiences, inspirations, and individual approaches to the building of scale models. 


New Clinics are added weekly, and previously presented Clinics are maintained in the Clinic Archive, for easy 24/7 access.




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<  How=To: Airbrush Set-Up Basics


(Session Duration: 17:32)


<  How=To: The Difference Between Gravity

                      & Siphon Airbrush Design


                                     (Session Duration: 12:08)


<  How=To: Airbrushing Tips


                       (Session Duration: 20:01)



<  How=To: Painting Faces

                      On Scale Model Figures 


                                  (Session Duration: 06:10)


<  How=To: Build a Low-Cost

                     Spray Paint Booth


                             (Session Duration: 05:16)


<  How=To: Paints to use with an Airbrush


(Session Duration: 10:00)


<  How=To: The Tools Needed For

                      Building Scale Models


                                      (Session Duration: 09:29)


<  How=To: Paint with Spray Cans


                        (Session Duration: 01:44)


<  How=To: What Paint Brush To Use


                        (Session Duration: 09:53)


<  How=To: Apply Bare Metal Foil


                        (Session Duration: 11:20)


<  How=To: Apply Masking Tape


                               (Session Duration: 04:18)


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<  How=To: Airbrush Using Fingernail Polish

                              (Session Duration: 08:55)


<  How=To: Make Scale Model Trees

                      (Session Duration: 09:20)


<  How=To: Build Better Models - 25 Tips

                         (Session Duration: 03:06


<  How=To: Drybrush Scale Models For Added

                      Realistic Effects

                            (Session Duration: 03:00)


<  How=To: Weather a Scale Models For Added

                      Realistic Effects

                       (Session Duration: 12:46)








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