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All of the Aspects of a Scale Model

From Planes, Trains and Automobiles... Aircraft, Watercraft, and Spacecraft. Miniatures of People, Places, and Things... Replicas of Buildings, Furnishings, Equipment...  the Machines of the World's Military Might

 To Dinosaurs, Diecast, R/C, Robots & Railroads.

Anything LEGO...

Creations from Metal, Wood, Paper... the worlds of Anime, Science Fiction, Beings

and their machines from Galaxies far, far away



The Scale Model Expoz

Is just About Scale Models


We EXPLORE and EXPOZ more aspects of the




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All content within this website is related to the topic of

SCALE MODELS in some way.


Scale Models are presented in still and video photography formats within Our virtual indoor exhibit Halls

and outdoor exhibit Pavilions.


Each of the Indoor Exhibit Halls and Outdoor Exhibit Pavilions showcases a different scale model category. 

[ i.e. Model Cars; Trucks; SpaceCraft; Military Vehicals; LEGO; etc.]


And, all of the content is contributed by "everyday"

Model Builders and Enthusiasts from around the world.




In addition to the Scale Model exhibits, there are many other

Features and Attractions to experience. These include events that You can actively participate in and/or contribute to.


Features and Attractions of The Scale Model Expoz *

  • Indoor/Outdoor Exhibit Halls and Pavilions
  • The Contests Hall
  • Meet & Greet These Model Builders
  • The How=To Clinics
  • The Model Builder's Registry 
  • The Music Hall
  • The Learning Spots
  • The Scale Modeler's Newsstand
  • The BATTLE-of-the-BANDZ Contests
  • The Food Court
  • Traders Village
  • The Supporter's Registry
  • The Sponsor's Corner


NOTE [*] = Some areas may be closed today, or still under construction.  Notices are posted in the affected areas.




The Scale Model related CONTENT is presented within

a "virtual" exposition facility.


Visitors enter the facility through the MAIN LOBBY. Once inside

the Lobby, Visitors select from a choice of areas to explore.


Additionally, the "Tabs" (located to the <<<< LEFT of where You are reading now) provide shortcuts to each of the attraction areas.


There is an EXIT DOOR located at the bottom of each page,

as well as  links that can take You back to a just visited page,

or onto the next page in the series.




We hope this introduction helps You understand what The Scale Model Expoz is all about and how to navigate it.


We also hope that after You had a chance to explore the "Expoz"  You will want to participate by becoming a contributor in the many activities and events.


Please consider becoming one or more of the following:

  • EXHIBITOR - Expoz Your photos/videos of Scale Model subject matter to others, eager to see them.
  • CONTESTANT - Expoz Your Scale Model building skills by competing in Our contests.
  • HOW=TO Clinic Instructor - Expoz and share Your Scale Model building skills, tips, and ideas with others.
  • EXHIBIT SPONSOR - Expoz Your scale model related business as a sponsor of an Exhibit Hall or Pavilion. 
  • MERCHANT Expoz and marjet Your Scale Model related merchandise or service to shoppers from around the world.
  • ENTERTAINER - Expoz Your musical talents and aspirations in a BATTLE-of-the-BANDZ competition.  
  • NEWSSTAND CONTRIBUTOR - Expoz Your Scale Model related news and information to others around the world.


Visit Our GENERAL OFFICE for more details

and the instructions for participating.




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